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why I teach

I Made the Decision to Feed My Soul

    People often think that a teaching degree from the best educational university is a must to be a successful teacher, and it helps, but it is not a requirement. Loving children despite themselves on their worst days, reaching out to others to help you, and always striving to be the best for yourself and your students are what gives a solid foundation for a successful teaching career. I am six years in and thankful each day for that tornado.


    Motivation to Continue Teaching

      Keeping students engaged by learning things that are relevant to them is a huge motivation to continue teaching. No other feeling is more rewarding than seeing and hearing a student excited about learning! As a Media Specialist I also serve in a technology support role to teachers in my school and district. I am motivated to help others because I know supporting ALL teachers can improve education for ALL students!

      Why I Teach

        Ever thought about becoming a teacher? Listen to this story from Leslie Hebert about her journey from being a stay-at-home mom to a substitute teacher to an English teacher at Rankin County School District.